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I’m used to having a writing companion; though she does not contribute much (or anything) to the actual process of sentence and plot construction, my cat loyally sleeps beside my desk while I work, providing moral support. She probably views it more as sitting near the useful human in case she feels like being petted, but I prefer my version.

I now have another writing companion, though he is a bit more of a distraction than a help as yet.

That’s right! A puppy!

That’s right! A puppy!

When he’s not wandering away, which forces me to get up and call him back (he is still too little to be trusted unsupervised in most rooms of the house), terrorizing the incredibly unamused cat with his attempts to play, or serenading me with the sound of his squeaky raccoon toy, he likes to fall into a puppy sleep-coma right at my feet, under the desk. Since my chair is on wheels, this actually helps me get lots of writing done because I’m terrified to move, in case I accidentally run over his little white paws.

On the other hand, he seems convinced that 4 am is the ideal time to start the day, so I haven’t been staying up as late as usual to write. I’m also not actually getting up at 4 in the morning, which would be absolutely dreadful. I do have to get up to put him outside, but then I sleepily hand him a quieter chew toy, and then everyone falls back asleep. I will definitely win the Battle of Four in the Morn with a little more time.

Anyway, things are busy and routines are being adjusted. It’s been a long time since I had a puppy and to be honest, I kind of forgot how much work they are. But the way his little face lights up and his whole body wiggles with joy when he knows it’s time for play or cuddles makes it all worthwhile. Today he learned how to go down the stairs, and also started whining when he wants to go outside instead of just attempting to find a private corner.

Yeah, I might be full of puppy stories for a while.

Logan 2


Also here is a photo of my cat, just so she isn’t left out. You know, in case she reads my blog.

This is sort of how she stared at the puppy on his first day in the house,.

This is sort of how she stared at the puppy on his first day in the house.

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