Uh Oh – I Did Jinx Myself

I’m not really superstitious. But shortly after I wrote – glibly, recklessly – that I would have no problems meeting my self-imposed deadline on my book, I ran into two problems which have delayed my progress. Coincidence? (Probably).

First, I sustained a finger injury in a surprising and entirely unimpressive way. I won’t go into too many confusing details, but my friend and I were playing a card game we invented ourselves, and when I tried to be stealthy and snatch away one of her cards (there are rules to this game, I swear, but they are elaborate), I actually scraped my finger along the underside of the old wooden table and jammed a splinter under my nail. Due to the failed sneakiness attempt, I was moving pretty fast, so suffice it to say that the splinter lodged itself deeply. (Wow, I really make myself sound ridiculous in many of my blog posts. Please keep reading anyway!)

I couldn’t type well for a couple days, growing increasingly frustrated with the snail’s pace and constant errors of trying to type with one-less finger. I did not realise how much I took my rapid and accurate typing for granted, but I have a good appreciation for it now. After a few days, I also cobbled together a decent new typing method (one hand and one finger. Cuts down on the errors for some reason). Luckily all is back to normal now.

Renewed with a frantic sense of purpose, I leapt back into my novel. I wrote a whole new scene – and trashed it because in my short hiatus, I forgot that two of my characters were fighting and thus would not be excited to see each other.


Anyway, I’m back on track now, and I have an extra-long weekend booked off from my day job, which will give me some extra writing time.

I had a much more interesting blog post planned, but due to all the delays, I never got around to finishing the research. Stay tuned for the next post. In the meantime, here are some interesting links, in case you are bored at work, or avoiding doing the dishes, or meditating on Aergia or something. I’ve got a mix of actual news, historical fact, and irreverent humour here.

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