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Today, I had a pleasant surprise. Jean Trinh of one of my favourite blogs, Culture Composition nominated me for The Leibster Award.

The Leibster Award is an interesting idea. It is driven by bloggers, and is a way to discover new blogs and connect with other bloggers. It works like this: you nominate eleven blogs with less than 200 followers. Then, they nominate eleven more blogs, and hopefully everyone finds a few new blogs to follow that they may not have discovered on their own. It’s a bit like those chain letters that used to circulate in your email, but with  many more interesting facts about fellow bloggers, encouragements to continue your blog, and none of those ridiculous ‘if-you-don’t-do-this-you’ll-have-bad-luck-forever’ caveats. It’s all completely friendly and optional.


I did a quick bit of research on it (of course I did – history nerd here, remember? I research everything) and it seems that this award has changed and grown since it began, sometime in 2010. Apparently, bloggers used to nominate 3-5 other bloggers who had less than 3000 followers. Now, we have jumped to nominating 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers. There’s a lot of flexibility with The Leibster Award, and that’s a good thing, because the point is to make blogging a more positive experience. And maybe it’s just me, but unless it’s posted in a sidebar, I can’t tell how many followers any given blog has. I chose some of my favourite blogs to nominate and just crossed my fingers that no one will be offended because they actually have 500 or 2000 followers.

The rules for accepting the Liebster Award are as follows:

1. List 11 facts about yourself

2. Nominate 11 bloggers for the award

3. Let them know about the nomination (cue commenting extravaganza)

4. Answer the 11 questions you were asked when nominated

5. Ask 11 questions for the new award winners to answer.

So…here we go!

11 Facts About Me:

1.  I can drink coffee at any time of day and still go to sleep.

2.  Even if my life depended on it, I would not be able to do a cartwheel.

3.  Thanks to the best student summer job ever, I know how to harness a horse and drive a wagon.

4.  Like Jean Trinh, I also had a pet chicken when I was a child. His name was Todd, and he had no feet. He liked to stand in the water dish, but it eventually gave him frostbite and he lost his feet. He walked around on his knees, and lived a long and very spoiled life afterward. I entered him in the local pet show one year in the category of Most Unique Pet, and Todd won second place. A walking stick insect claimed the blue ribbon.

5.   I am most productive with my writing at night.

6.  I dislike making outlines for my books. Sometimes, I do have to, mainly because keeping track of key dates is important for historical fiction. My outlines are just skeletons of the story and have hardly any details about the characters. I’m afraid that if I include too much detail on the outline, I will lose interest and not want to finish the writing story.

7.  I’m easily bored. I also fidget, and often don’t realize I’m doing it until someone gets annoyed.

8.  I’m an introvert. This might be one of the reasons that I’m finding it strangely difficult to come up with 11 facts about myself to share.

9.  I usually read two or three books at the same time, switching between them depending on my mood and which room I am in where I may have left the book. There are books all over my home.

10.  I’m obsessed with The Dresden Files.

11. I think parasols are really cool and practical.

Nominate 11 Bloggers for the Award (note: these are in no particular order)

  1. Kate’s Bookshelf
  2. Descent into Slushland
  3. Susan Blumberg-Kason
  4. Squirkle
  5. Book Rambler 
  6. Amy Keeley 
  7. The Wax to my Mustache
  8. The Doubting Writer
  9. A Word in the Hand
  10. Wendy White
  11. Angela Writes 

11 Questions I was asked:

1. Would you rather be a sloth or a llama and why?

Although it’s tempting to be a llama because then I could spit at people who annoy me without consequence…Yeah, actually, I choose llama. My argument for sloth was going to be that it seems like an extremely stress-less existence (see the early pages of Life of Pi) but maybe it would also be too dull after a while.

2. What was one of the most bad-ass things you did as a kid?

I don’t think I was a very bad-ass kid. But I grew up on a farm, so I was pretty proficient at getting through barbed wire fences, even when being chased by a grumpy bull.

3. What was something you did in 2013 that made you proud?

I revised my novel based on the very insightful suggestions of my agent, and then we began submitting it to editors. I’m proud to have reached this step of the publication process, and I’ve learned so much while getting there. I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey.

4. What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

Bugs Bunny. And it’s still my favourite. I will watch it almost anytime.

5. If you could travel to one city tomorrow, what would it be?

Avignon. One of my writing projects (currently on hold while I prioritize another, but I’ll get back to it!) partly takes place there, in the year 1379. I’d love to see the city in person, especially the Palais des Papes, where some of the story is set.

6. What’s the quirkiest thing your best friend has done?

She’s so awesome that it’s hard to choose one thing! Once, when I was complaining about how I never have bookmarks (I always end up using recipes that I’ve scribbled down on bits of paper instead, and then later I wonder where the recipe went), she made me a really cool bookmark. It’s much better than a scrap of paper, and it represents my crazy orange cat.


7. How addicted are you to your phone on a scale of one to ten?

I want to say five, because I hardly use Facebook and I kind of hate texting, but I am also obsessed with playing Diamond Mine, so probably seven.

8. What TV show are you obsessed with right now?

True Blood. There’s only one episode left of this season though, so after it’s done, I’ll have to wait for Elementary to start again.

9. What’s one food item or dish that you find irresistible?

This is a difficult question to answer, because I love food, and I love cooking. My mother makes absolutely amazing tiramisu, and just talking about it has given me a craving, so I think I will choose that.

10. What’s your astrological sign and the best characteristic of it?

I am a Capricorn, just barely. If I was born a couple of hours later, I would have been an Aquarius. Apparently Capricorns are very driven and self-disciplined, and set high standards for themselves. I do have these qualities. I think writers do have to have a lot of self-discipline, because it’s hard work, and it’s an isolated activity. I’m always setting intense deadlines for myself, and sometimes I get so wrapped up in them that I forget to take time to relax. Luckily, my husband makes sure I don’t work myself to exhaustion.

11. If you could put one song on repeat, what would it be?

Supermassive Black Hole by Muse.

11 Questions for the Next Award Winners to Answer:

1.  What is your most random talent?

2.  You’ve been offered a chance to go to the moon. Do you accept?

3.  What is the most memorable book you have read this year?

4.  Do you have a favourite word that you overuse, or wish you had opportunity to use more often?

5.  What is your favourite season, and why?

6.  If you could see any band/artist in concert, from any time period, and meet them afterword, who would it be?

7.  What was your favourite childhood movie?

8.  Let’s say you have invented a time machine. Where do you go first?

9.  Would you rather do a speech in front of a hundred people, or go to the dentist for a root canal?

10.  If you could shift into any kind of animal, which one would you try first?

11.  If you suddenly needed three hours less sleep than normal, what would you do with those extra three hours?

I enjoyed reading the responses to previous Leibster Award posts. I hope other participants will have just as much fun.

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