The Honey Moon (Cosmic, not Wedding)

Tonight is a full moon, and it’s Friday the 13th. Superstitious people beware! However, this combination is not too uncommon, and occurs every three years or so. One of the reasons this full moon is unique is because of the colour – it’s going to look more amber than usual, hence the name of ‘honey moon’.

The golden colour comes from a combination of the moon being at its perigee, the time when it is closest to Earth during its orbit, making it appear larger than usual on the horizon, and the summer solstice, when the sun is at its highest path in the sky, and combining with atmospheric dust and pollution. It’s a balance of light and levels, in a way.

The other reason tonight’s full moon is unique is that the combination of a honey moon and Friday the 13th is quite rare. The last instance of this occurred on June 13, 1919, and the next one is not expected until June 13, 2098.

I’m not superstitious, so tonight’s honey moon is nothing more than an opportunity to see something beautiful, and not a cause for fear! I’m going to try and get outside and maybe take a photo. The best time to view the honey moon is apparently a little before midnight, if anyone else is intrigued.

full moon

Out of curiosity, I looked up some myths about the full moon. We all know the obvious one, that werewolves are forced to transform at that time of the lunar cycle, but apparently the stories of werewolves might go as far back as Ancient Greece, which is new to me.

Another myth about the moon is that it does not rotate, and always keeps the same face to the Earth. However, in order to keep the same side facing the Earth, the moon must rotate slowly, so as to seem as though it doesn’t rotate at all.

A blue moon is not actually, blue, unfortunately, as wonderful of a sight that would be. The blue moon is the fourth full moon to occur in a season. Most seasons only have three full moons, so a blue moon is uncommon.

It is sometimes believed that the full moon causes lunacy. I don’t know about that, but if it causes extra creativity or energy, I’ll be pleased. I have been pretty busy in the last couple of weeks and have not had time to do as much writing as I’d like.

Anyone else going to view the honey moon? Or have any stories that the full moon aids the writing process? (What? I think it would be cool if that happened!)

Have a great week!


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