St. Patrick’s Day & Overheard Conversations


You know how sometimes you overhear a conversation that makes you want to stomp over and stage an interruption to forcefully correct the silly person speaking? That happened to me on the weekend. Well, sort of – I’m introverted and misanthropic, so actually I just wanted to gnash my teeth and weep and roll my eyes in private. My husband and I went to an Irish beer and whiskey tasting on Saturday, and when we were waiting in line for the event to start, we could hear a group of people chatting in front of us about their upcoming trip to Ireland.

“We’re going to visit the Guinness brewery,” said the middle-aged man eagerly. “They say the beer tastes completely different over there because they don’t have to put all the preservatives in that we get here.”

A younger girl, possibly his daughter, pinched her lips together and tilted her chin in a simultaneously disdainful and worldly expression. “Ugh. I just cannot get into Guinness. It’s like bread syrup.”

This statement echoed in my mind, and not only because she did go on to repeat ‘bread syrup’ several more times. I stared at the wall in outrage. (Introverts don’t make eye contact unless required to). My husband put a comforting hand on my trembling shoulder and arched his brows scornfully, letting me know he felt the same way. Bread syrup? Bread syrup! What does that even mean? Yes, Guinness is a heavy ale, but not viscously swirling with sucrose, and really, unless you’re 22 you’re probably past having more than one or two anyway. Bread syrup! Trip to Ireland seems wasted on that whiny girl.

I indulged in a rant here, but I do like Guinness, and I also think that people should appreciate the opportunity to go on adventures and visit new places and try new things, instead of complaining at length about them in public places. Of course, this is coming from someone who can rarely afford a vacation, so I am biased. I did wonder, though, what the original speaker thought, after his companion so thoroughly shot down his excitement for visiting the brewery

We did have a very fun evening at the tasting, and there were some really delicious snacks, including the best toasted walnuts I have ever eaten in my life. I didn’t know it was possible to get as excited about eating walnuts as I did. I also managed to correctly identify two of the beverages in a blind taste test. Which, on second thought, might not be something to boast about! But seriously, don’t worry. I’m not Jack London or Ernest Hemingway. I like quality, not quantity.

Is anyone celebrating St. Patrick’s Day today? I won’t be, because it’s Monday and I have to work tomorrow. Also, I’m writing tonight. I’ve been really busy with a couple different projects lately, so it has made my blog updates suffer, but I have completed lots of other writing. I started a new manuscript in November, wrote frantically through January, at which point I dropped my nearly completed draft to write a requested outline and five chapters for a completely different story. Now that my chapters are submitted, I’m back to finishing off my previous manuscript, and also checking my email every five minutes, because I’m not good at patiently waiting for responses to submitted chapters.

Have a great week!

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