I’m Not Eccentric Enough for These Houses

I found my dream house today! I just don’t know if it’s from a pleasant dream or a nightmare.

cliff house

It’s hanging off a cliff, and there’s an open patio at the bottom.

It looks so unique and beautiful, like living in the sky, but I also get a slight adrenalin rush just from looking at it. I have no idea how I’d feel to actually be inside of this dwelling. Heights don’t normally bother me, but I’ve also never dealt with them while trying to read or wash dishes.

It kind of looks like something out of Skyrim.

This one kind of looks like something out of Skyrim. Which means there are a million and one draugr just out of sight.

I found a few other interesting dwelling as well, intrigued by the idea of living somewhere unexpected. This cave-like house is mysterious and secure-looking, but maybe it is also cold and damp. It reminds me of a larger and modernized version of Merlin’s home in Mary Stewart’s Crystal Cave series. Or maybe a smuggling den – is that the shadow of a thief hiding around the doorway? Except for missing sunlight to read by in the afternoon, I actually thought for a moment that I could live here, at least until I started imagining smugglers and maybe murderers (this cave just keeps getting worse) hiding in all the dark nooks and crannies. Plus, there could be about a gazillion spiders. And anyway, could a person live in a cave and have a normal office job? It seems like the two just wouldn’t go together.

For the super wealthy hobbits?

For the super wealthy hobbits?

This one built into a hill in Sweden has the appeal of a cave with the added light and some nice modern touches. It’s hard to say from a couple outside pictures, but I think I could probably handle living in a place like this. It has the cozy security of the cave, without sacrificing the lack of light and risking the possible spider and smuggler infestation.

In my search, I came across one house that is even more terrifying than the dangling-cliff house in the first picture. The House of Sketchy Stilts (caption)

The House of Sketchy Stilts

The House of Sketchy Stilts

It’s fun to imagine living in an unusual home, but after looking through houses like these (and a few others that I didn’t share, check out the links for more), I don’t think I’m quite eccentric enough to live in these. Besides, my dog would miss having a yard.


Would you live in a house clinging to a cliff?

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