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The Wardrobe Mistress has been nominated for a 2017 RT Reviewer’s Choice Award and I’m so thrilled! My To-Be-Read list grew again after I looked at the list of nominations, as well. There are a lot of excellent-sounding books in the full list of nominees, and I feel lucky that my book is in such good company.

Obviously, I’m quite excited about this book news, especially because it was unexpected. But there’s more on the horizon, too! A large print edition of The Wardrobe Mistress is coming out soon (in February, I think) and it has a different cover.

Isn’t it pretty? I like that, between my two covers, one dress is red and another is blue. As I’ve written about before, and anyone who has read the book knows, tricolour is an important theme in the book because of the symbolism of the tricolour rosettes during the French Revolution.

I couldn’t resist adding the original again since the colours are so bright together.

That’s all the big news for now! I also finished another book on New Year’s Eve – meeting my goal of completing the first draft by the end of the year with a whole hour and a half to spare. I’ve done some edits and have sent it to my agent, so with luck there will be some news on that front down the road.

Have a great week, everyone! If you have read and loved any of the other RT nominees, let me know which ones so I know where to start!


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