2016 Reading Challenge

Happy New Year!

I’m not really one to make a lot of New Year’s resolutions, but this year, I decided to broaden my reading horizons. I read a lot, but I tend to gravitate to similar genres most of the time. I write historical fiction, and I read copious amounts of it as well. I also have a soft spot for urban fantasy, but how many times can you re-read The Dresden Files? (Okay, scratch that. You can read them a hundred times – I officially give you permission).

Still, it’s exciting to discover a new book, one that pulls you entirely into the adventure of that world, leaves you marveling over the beautiful sentences, or makes you wish you could spend more time with the characters. I compiled a list of twelve reading challenges. I’ll be tackling one of them per month, and writing about the experience here. I used to review books for a magazine and don’t want to revert back to that completely, so the reading challenge posts will be a more personal take on my reading experience, with some literary and/or cultural contextual comments as well.

Feel free to use or build upon my list for your own reading challenge, if you’re so inclined. I hope I can help share some fabulous new reads.



2016 Reading Challenge: 

  • A National Book Award winner
  • Book you haven’t read since high school
  • A book translated to your native language
  • Non-fiction about a subject you’ve been curious about
  • Book about or set within a culture you’re unfamiliar with
  • A book that’s at least 100 years older than you
  • Book in a genre you usually avoid
  • A classic novel
  • A graphic novel
  • One of Shakespeare’s plays
  • At least three poems
  • A mystery


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