2016 Blog Flashback

My blog has been in existence for over three years now (!) but 2016 was the first year where I really made an effort to get into a regular posting routine and create some recurring features. I think it was worth it, because I had the most fun with my blog this year. As a bonus, my readership also increased. Thanks for joining me here! You guys are the best.

I rounded up some of my favourite posts from 2016, in case you missed them, or are in between books, or possible hiding out from the chaos of family holiday festivities and desperate for something to read on your phone. (Hey, I know the holidays can sometimes be a little too dramatic). Or, if I’m really lucky, you keep checking my blog because you can’t wait for The Wardrobe Mistress.

Without further ado, the blog flashback of my favourite posts, by month:


I kicked off the 2016 Reading Challenge with Fifteen Dogs and it made me feel all the emotions.

I had a lot of thoughts on the ‘singular they’


I talked about Resting Bitch Face and some of its excellent alternatives.

I grossed myself out with some thoughts about bugs.


I read Hamlet and I hate that guy. So much that I wrote about him twice.


My dream came true and I got to announce that The Wardrobe Mistress is being published

In what turned out to create some strange symmetry for this recap, I also had a nightmare and then researched it.

I wrote about Marie Antoinette’s attitude to the French Revolution.


I became obsessed with wolverines and I stand by it because they are delightful.

I wrote about a historical figure who wore several hats at once.

I devoured a wonderful gothic book called A Taste for Nightshade.

I took quizzes – for fun! Also I imagined philosophy incarnate as the grim reaper.


I learned that the Canadian accent uses a dipthong in the word ‘about’ that American accents don’t even have – no wonder it’s so mockable!

I went to my first writer’s conference and could barely control myself for buying tons of books and getting them signed.


I fell in love with Weina Dai Randel’s books about Empress Wu.


I went to another writer’s conference and started to feel vaguely like a professional writer. Fun fact that I have never yet disclosed – someone asked me a historical question which I didn’t really know the answer to, and so I naturally started researching it later on. And it sparked the whole idea for the book I’m currently writing! I just wish I could go back in time and not sound like such an idiot when first asked the question. More details on this book in 2017, but it’s under wraps for now.

I also shared my tips for researching historical fiction.


I learned that the worst makeup in history not only poisoned its wearers, but also made them sometimes need fake eyebrows made of mouse fur! Yuck.

I talked about theme in fiction, specifically in relation to The Wardrobe Mistress

In an uncharacteristic move, I read some poems.


I pretended to interview Medusa (wow, I am so cool).

I ensured you will be a hit at parties by enlightening you on everything you ever wanted to know about the guillotine


I neglected my household chores because I couldn’t put down A Song of War

My affections shifted from wolverines to include foxes, which I also stand by because they are charming and everyone has a crush on the fox version of Robin Hood.


I suggested books appropriate for holiday reading, along with festive food and/or drink pairings.

I posted a Flash Fiction story that’s a little darker than the picture of an adorable puppy would have you expect (Don’t worry! Nothing bad happens to the puppy).


During 2016, I also joined Twitter so if you are also there, please feel free to follow or tweet at me. I tweet a lot about books and also like to share interesting articles. I’m on Goodreads now too, so if a book-oriented social media platform is more your thing, come find me there. I’m super excited to see that a few people have voted for The Wardrobe Mistress on the Historical Fiction 2017 list – thank you, voters, you have generously given my confidence a boost! I’m also thrilled to see that some people have added it to their Want-to-Read list. Even though I’ve been through copy edits and revisions, it still feels so crazy and exciting that this is actually happening and my book will be out in about 6 months!

Can’t resist sharing my beautiful cover again.

So what can you look forward to on the blog for 2017? Some features will continue, including Bad Decisions in History and Book Addiction. In lieu of the now-completed 2016 Reading Challenge, I’ll be posting Flash Fiction instead. Also watch out for some more Imaginary Interviews.

Of course, there will also be plenty of posts related to the French Revolution and The Wardrobe Mistress, some informative and others a little more irreverent and fun. Stay tuned for publishing news and possibly some giveaways.

Lastly, I’m planning to attend two conferences again this year, the Historical Novel Society Conference in Portland in June and also When Words Collide in Calgary in August. Maybe I will see some of you there!

Lots to look forward to in 2017. All the best to everyone.


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