Book Update – The Wardrobe Mistress

I’ve reached a milestone as a debut author – getting to hold my novel in book format for the first time. We’re at the galley stage, and I can hardly even explain the surreal excitement I felt as I opened up the box that came in the mail and lifted out copies of my book. It’s so beautiful! I can’t stop looking at it.

Rare author photo, wherein author cannot stop staring at the bound version of her book.

Seeing the story in proper book form even made me want to read it again, an occurrence that I never thought would repeat itself. Through all the writing and edits, I’ve literally read The Wardrobe Mistress at least seventeen times, no exaggeration, and the latest time (during the first pass stage, which is where it’s typeset as it will be for the book, and the last chance to look for errors) I had to read it out loud to force myself to pay close attention. It gets tough, when you know exactly what will happen and why all the characters feel the way they do! It turned out to be very good practise for me though, because I’d been wondering how ‘French’ I should pronounce character’s names at potential future book readings. After reading the whole thing out loud to my cat and dog (very uninterested audience members, by the way) and nearly losing my voice, I’ve figured out what is hopefully a charming compromise of accents.

I’ve been excitedly telling everyone I encounter, pretty much, that The Wardrobe Mistress will be published on June 27, 2017. There has been a slight change, however, and now the official pub date is August 15, 2017. I promise it’s not my fault – I met all my deadlines! – but just due to scheduling. As a debut author, I’m learning that there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes with a publishing house in terms of scheduling and planning and marketing and everything. It’s been a really amazing learning experience, and I’m so impressed by how much work goes into a book after it’s picked up, and how many people get involved. While writing the first draft of a book, it feels like it belongs only to the author, but as it moves toward publication, it starts to belong to everyone, in a way. It’s a wonderful progression; I think it makes it feel more alive, more like a real thing and not just some figment of my imagination that I wrote down.

In the meantime, while waiting for pub day, did you know that you can read a sample of The Wardrobe Mistress for through “Spring/Summer Sampler – St. Martin’s First”? The e-book also has excerpts from 8 other fantastic authors who have books coming out this summer. And it’s free!

I mean…Ned Stark should really be saying this about winter reading (which is awesome, with hot chocolate and blankets) but since these books are all coming out in the summer, he’s still right



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