The Wonders of Track Changes

I have an embarrassing confession to make.

For a long time, I had no idea that Track Changes existed. It’s one of the most useful functions in Word for a writer when it comes to editing, and I was oblivious to its existence. The first time I ever worked on revisions for my agent, I actually sent her a separate document that listed all the pages. Like, “Page 67 – added dialogue between Ben Hornigold and Blackbeard to better illustrate the growing dissent between them.” (The first book we worked on together is about Blackbeard).

She very kindly did not laugh. But then she sent me back a Track Changes document and my idea of editing forever changed.

mind blown gif

Mind blown

Okay, that sounds pretty epic. But seriously, that’s how much faster it made the process. I sent her some editor requested revisions a little while ago, and one phone call, a couple emails, and two rounds of track changes later, everything was good to go. It was so much faster than scrolling through a ridiculous list of page numbers and searching for the added text. And more professional too – there’s something satisfying about going through each tracked change and accepting (or rejecting!) it, and the document is very clean after. Plus, using technology like this to work efficiently with my agent even though we are in different countries and time zones makes me feel like a real, serious writer.

Anyone else have a shameful technology confession? Favourite writing tools to share? Random need to vent about editing?

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