Lost in the 1700s

I shamefully neglected my blog in January. I have been very busy writing, just not on blog topics, so I have at least been keeping up with my new year’s resolution! In November, I started writing the first draft of a new project, and I’ve been working on that in almost all of my spare time. It’s been going very well – almost too quickly, which probably means lots of edits – and I am almost finished. Unfortunately, I have to kill one of the main characters to get to the end, so I anticipate an evening of wine and Netflix to try and distract myself from the guilty sorrow. I think George R.R. Martin must either have nerves of steel, or really dislike some of his characters, because I don’t know how else he keeps wiping them out.

I already have my next project lined up as well, so I will be leaping into that in a couple of weeks, and into a new time period and setting as well. My current work-in-project is set in 1718-1720, and my next one is going to be around 1790. Given that it’s currently freezing outside, it’s probably a good thing that I am so busy. Hopefully I will hardly notice the remainder of winter, and I’ll squint up from my computer and realize spring has arrived, and it is not, in fact, the 1700s.

I don’t usually go straight from one project to another without taking a break, so this will be new for me. Most of the time, I take a month or so off. What about fellow writers? Do you maintain a steady flow of writing, or do you take a break between manuscripts? Please share!

In the meantime, here is a random but cute penguin picture:



I’m determined to make February a better month for blogging than January was, so watch for another post soon!

Have a great week everyone!

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