Looking for a Critique of Your Query Letter?

A quick post today, for readers who are avidly polishing their query letters, which are a notoriously difficult thing to write. I’ve written several, and although practise does make it slightly easier to sum up your entire book in a few catchy paragraphs, it remains a challenging writing exercise and often involves many re-writes. Perfecting your query letter is an experience in second-guessing your ability to write concisely. Will including those two adjectives make it seem too wordy? Did you name too many characters? Is the plot summary too confusing? Should you have used a question at the end? Sometimes you just want a professional opinion to provide reassurance about what elements are working, and which ones still need work.

Except not after getting an awesome critique

Except not after getting an awesome critique

My agent, Carrie Pestritto, is now featuring a monthly query critique on her blog. Eight is her lucky number, so the eighth person to email her their query will have theirs critiqued. See the link for the complete rules, and how to enter. If your critique gets more than eight comments, you will also get a 100 page critique of your manuscript, the same way Carrie edits for her clients. As one of her clients, I can vouch that her critiques are extremely valuable. She always has great insight to the overall arc of a story, and an eye for detail.

Carrie once did an interview here on my blog – check it out as well as her own site to see what kinds of books she is interested in.

Happy query letter writing! And all other writing too!

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