Let’s Take Some Fun Quizzes

But not personality quizzes. Those aren’t fun. I feel like those are designed to be self-flattering. The results just throw a whole bunch of pleasant sounding adjectives at you, like logical, creative, loyal…all things you want to be, so you grab onto them proudly. Even the negative traits have sort of a bright side, like if you’re impatient, it implies it’s because you’re too smart to wait or something.

The first quiz I found tests how well you can differentiate colours. It takes a little while to complete, but I found it fun. It’s like a puzzle. You rearrange the colours into a proper gradient, and it will tell you how well you did. Not to brag or anything, but I apparently have perfect colour acuity. Just don’t ask me to tell you if that’s a 3 or 8 on that spreadsheet when I don’t have my reading glasses.

The other quiz I randomly found is less scientific, more pretentious. Fun! Take this test and see how Highbrow you are. I scored 65/100, so I’m not too highbrow. I did not do well on the art section, and I also failed miserably during the philosophy one. Makes sense. I did take Intro to Philosophy in my first year of university, but it did not go as expected. I had visions of sipping lattes and taking thoughtful notes as my whole mind expanded to encompass greater understanding of the world. Instead, I pinched myself to stay awake and drew sketches of philosophy incarnate as the Grim Reaper. (I was super cool).

It was kind of like this, except it was a crude pen drawing and there was a speech bubble where the Grim Reaper said, "I am Philosophy. I am doom."

It was kind of like this, except it was a crude pen drawing and there was a speech bubble where the Grim Reaper said, “I am Philosophy. I am doom.”

Ever since taking that quiz though, I’ve been signing up for Highbrow courses. They’re free, and you get a short, informative email every day about the subject you chose. I’ve done a whole bunch now, on different subjects like Logic, Weather, Battles in History, Natural Wonders, SEO Principals – there are a ton of options. I really liked the natural wonders one. Did you know there is a pink lake that exists in the world? It’s in Australia, which somehow is not surprising.

Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier

Another natural wonder I learned about is Waitomo Caves, in New Zealand. It’s a bit creepy that the beautiful, starry glowing is caused by glow-worms, but I guess bugs can be pretty too! (Still not good for aphrodisiacs though).

Waitomo Caves

Waitomo Caves

I also enjoyed the logic puzzles, and battles in history, although since I am already really into history, I found that one to be a bit light. I think it would be  good starting place though.

I found the SEO one daunting at first, until I realized that my blog is pretty much too random to be easily SEO friendly and I shouldn’t worry about it too much just yet. Clearly, I’ve been embracing that with my last couple of blog posts – and enjoying it.

I’ll have something more writing-oriented coming up later this week or early next week. In the meantime, a friendly reminder that I’m on Twitter now! For someone who resisted signing up for years, I am actually enjoying it quite a lot and I tend to Tweet daily. If you have Twitter, please follow me so I’m not making terrible book puns all to myself.



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