Further Writer’s Conference Reflections

Recently, I attended an amazing conference called When Words Collide, held in my hometown of Calgary during August. It was the first time I’ve gone to a conference that big (it was sold out with about 700 guests), and it was also the first time I’ve presented at a conference. I didn’t do any solo presentations just yet, but I participated in several panels and also some ‘Blue Pencil Café’ sessions where I read the first thousand words of a few different manuscripts and offered my constructive feedback to the writers. It was really fun to get a peek at some of the amazing stories other writers are working on.

The whole event was such a positive, inspiring experience, and I was left feeling refreshed to tackle my own projects again. I’ve been a little drained after a pretty intense bout of revisions on The Wardrobe Mistress. Having the chance to interact with so many different readers and writers was really great as well. If there’s one thing book people love, it’s other book people because you can talk about books to your heart’s content. If you are going to be in the Calgary area next August, or you can make it out here, I highly recommend When Words Collide. I’ll be going back for sure. A huge thanks to the organizers and all the volunteers who made it such a fabulous event!

Thank you cardIn the near future, I’ll probably put up a couple of blog posts on some of the topics. I learned so much from a variety of panel discussions that I just can’t resist.

And in the meantime, I finally feel like writing something new. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster for me in the last few months. I had just finished a brand new manuscript and finished a round of revisions on it, readying for submissions, when The Wardrobe Mistress got picked up by St. Martin’s. Obviously that was (and still is) a hugely exciting moment for me, and for a long time I was wrapped up in that, and then the subsequent revisions. My other manuscript kind of got forgotten. But now it’s knocking around in my head again, wanting a sequel, and I have a story set in Venice swirling around, too. It’s feels like time to be writing something new, and it feels so free, like the world is opening up all around me, and my bones are feather-light, my mind clear but distant… You see what happens to me when I’m not writing something new? I get terribly sentimental. Time to go back to work.


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