Fun and Weird Anecdotes about my Nearly Completed Draft

I have a confession. I meant to do up a 2016 Reading Challenge post this week, about Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

I have not yet read Hamlet.

Instead, I’ve been caught up in the last-quarter book-whirlwind. This seems to happen to me every time. As soon as I get somewhat close to the end, my usual writing pace becomes frantic and it feels like the story railroads my brain. I get really tired from writing so much, and walk around in a distant fog. I actually kind of love this feeling, but I suspect half the enjoyment is that it’s temporary.

On the weekend, my husband and I had company, and while they were chatting, I accidentally slipped into one of those short writing reveries.

“What’s up?” my husband asked. “You look confused or something.”

“Oh, I was just wondering – if you were trying to defend yourself with a knife, and they turned it back against you, do you think your wrist would break?”

“Yeah, probably,” he said calmly. He gets me. Our friend required slightly more explanation, but not too much. I’m lucky to have people that understand I don’t go around getting into knife fights, but people in my head sometimes do. (Writer problems sound so weird).

I’m nearly done my WIP, but I don’t know how to properly describe it yet, so instead I’m going to be infuriatingly vague and share some ridiculous facts about writing it but no actual plot details.

At the 85K word count, I realized I had three different characters named Thomas. All of them are somewhat minor, and it’s a common name for the time period, but clearly this was a problem. One of the Thomases had been dead the whole time, but he still had the most mentions. Since he was also based on a real historical figure, he got to keep his name, and the other two were changed.

I scared myself after writing a creepy scene right before bed. As I quickly turned off the light and dove under the shield of bedcovers, I congratulated myself on such an exciting new first. Later, I wondered if the scene was actually creepy or if I am just too easily scared.

I wrote a sentence that mentioned the cold night air on my protagonist’s bare arms and Word’s spell check insistently kept highlighting it, certain that I wanted to change it to ‘bear arms.’


Is this what you wanted, Word? Are you happy now? How is she going to pour wine out of that jug with those giant clawed paws?


I must add that this picture should not be considered a clue about the setting of the book. This kitchen maid looks nothing like my protagonist and the painting isn’t from the right time period either. I just picked it because my heroine does like to cook, and you have to admit a person with literal bear arms would be well-equipped to snatch up pheasants and hares.

I have a character who rather pretentiously insisted upon being called Voltaire (he is not actually Voltaire). It took me a hundred pages to figure out why. Even knowing the reason, he’s still pretentious.


And now back to it! I have a couple of characters to brutally murder and some other things to wrap up, and this book will be done. (Except for edits and revisions and edits and revisions, of course)

Coming up, I will actually do the Hamlet Reading Challenge post. I also have a new Book Addiction coming up and another Bad Decision in History. And if I can force myself to choose a scene, I’ll get around to sharing something from my latest story as well.



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