Forgotten Writing

Today, I was cleaning out some folders on my laptop. I anticipated this would be a tedious, dull, procrastinate-able task, but it actually turned out to be sort of funny.

It transpires that I have more random snippets of writing than I thought I did. Sometimes, I start writing something and after a page or so, I realize I really have no idea where it’s going, so I just stop. Hopefully, I’m in good company with lots of other writers on this one.

I found one snippet, though, that isn’t even a page long. It’s only 72 words. And I cannot remember anything about why I wrote this, or where I imagined the story would go before I quickly abandoned it. Full disclosure: wine was probably involved. Also, the document was is two years old, so maybe I can also foist the blame onto the mists of time.

So, here goes. If someone else wants to pick up this image and turn it into a proper sequence of events, feel free. If you’d rather just chuckle over it, like I did, that’s even better.


                It isn’t every day you get a guitar smashed across your shoulder blades. And a damn good thing, too – it hurts. The wood cracked, imploding around the shape of my body. A couple of the strings snapped against the bending wood. One of them snagged past my eye with a sad country twang. I twitched in reflex, and then blinked against the sudden sting as it left a scratch across my forehead.


Okay, I know I said full disclosure before, but now I am really going to lay the cards on the table, so to speak. After this guitar smashing scene, there was a huge gap on the page, and then I had written several meandering paragraphs about how I should maybe learn to meditate. Which I have not. I haven’t even tried, and frankly, I probably won’t.

What random writings have you ever found on your computer, or in a forgotten notebook? Please tell me I am not the only one who leaves hilarious forgotten prose lying around for years.

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4 thoughts on “Forgotten Writing

  1. You are far from alone, though maybe it’s just you and me that have this snippets thing. I burst out laughing at how the thought just stopped and you went on to something else that didn’t even relate. Other than after being smashed by a guitar, maybe the person needs to meditate.

    I have several little blips that have not even become much more than a line. I had one in my journal from a couple of years ago,(I can’t find it right now) that I looked back on a while ago and had no clue where the thought went. It was just blank. I was thinking something. I have text documents that I’ve “titled’ so that I knew what I was going to write, but I forget what the idea was when I look at the title. For instance. I have one text file titled A Logger’s Story. I don’t remember ever wanting to write about loggers, per say. But apparently at the time I did.

    Here’s a snippet from my notebook
    “I’m worried about Ruth-Ann,” Susy Marshall commented to Gloria about her daughter, “She spends her evenings in the old cemetery, and it’s disturbing. It’s not normal.”
    “I should say not!” was Gloria’s reply.

    I had a picture that fit with this, and I started it about three years ago. That is as far as I got, and I have no idea where the idea was going after that. I know it was good at the time. 😛

    Don’t feel alone. I do it all the time. I would love to know what happens after the the guitar scratches the face. I’m really interested. 🙂

  2. I like the snippet from your notebook, and I’m curious about what Ruth-Ann finds so appealing about cemeteries at night! Maybe she is meeting up with the guy who got the guitar smashed over his back! Both characters are certainly keeping their secrets from us now, years later!

    It’s fun hearing about other people’s forgotten writing. Thanks for sharing! I guess stuff like this just helps us appreciate even more the projects that do get completed.

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